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At Dossier we celebrate creativity & offer your team inspiring meeting spaces, a chance to mingle & a place to recharge. Improve communication, brainstorm & share experiences with Teambuilding options that are as quirky & unique as Portland itself! Whatever your team's interests & needs, enjoy a customized experience that will strengthen your bonds & boost your productivity.

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  • Get ready for a team-building adventure that's sure to leave you shaken (not stirred) - a distillery tour of Aviation Gin, right here in Portland, Oregon!

    Your team will start the day at the luxurious Dossier Hotel, where you'll enjoy comfortable accommodations and plenty of amenities to help you recharge and bond with your colleagues. Then, it's off to the distillery for a behind-the-scenes tour of one of Portland's most beloved spirits. As you explore the distillery, you'll learn about the history and process of gin-making and get an up-close look at how Aviation Gin is crafted. And of course, you'll have the opportunity to sample some of the delicious results!

    After the tour, you'll return to the Dossier Hotel, where you can continue to connect with your colleagues and build on the lessons of the day. Whether you're enjoying a meal at our on-site restaurant or taking advantage of our other team-building activities, you'll find plenty of ways to continue strengthening your bonds and boosting your productivity. Cheers to building a stronger, more connected team!

  • re you ready to level up your team's collaboration skills while having a blast? Take your team to the ultimate gaming destination, Ground Kontrol. With over 100 games to choose from, you'll have plenty of opportunities to bond with your colleagues and flex your competitive muscles. As you work together to master games like Galaga, Street Fighter, and Space Invaders, you'll develop key skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. And with our experienced facilitators on hand to guide you through the experience, you can be sure that your team-building activities will be effective, engaging, and fun.

    So, if you're ready for an unforgettable team-building experience, contact us today to book your trip to Dossier and Ground Kontrol. We can't wait to help you build a stronger, more connected team!

  • This activity does more than just letting your team socialize with beautiful puppies & dogs. While that in itself is a winner, there is a far more serious impact that the pups can have. Puppies need their playtime as part of their development, so joining in with that playtime through puppy therapy is the perfect way to help both the puppies and the people who have come to play. It promotes the release of oxytocin in our bodies, a hormone related to affection. Playing with animals can elevate serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax. Basically, playing with puppies can help to reduce stress in busy workplaces. Plus being showered with love is also great for the puppies themselves.

    By spending some time enjoying a bit of puppy therapy you can improve productivity, accuracy, and enthusiasm in the workplace. Animals are a motivator for people, encouraging them to help, care and nurture, to detangle the nerves and worries that modern life throws at us all.

  • Recipe for a top-shelf team building experience: assemble a mix of your team. Add tips, tricks and trivia from a local bartending authority. Spice things up with a bit of friendly recipe competition. Voila!

    Welcome to Bar Alder at Dossier! We are excited to offer a unique team building experience that will bring your group together in a fun and creative way. Our mixology class is the perfect way to bond with your colleagues while learning the art of cocktail making. Led by our expert mixologists, you will learn the techniques and skills needed to create delicious and visually stunning cocktails. Our class is designed to be interactive and hands-on, allowing everyone to get involved and have fun. Not only will you learn how to make cocktails, but you will also learn about the history and origins of each drink. Our mixologists will share their knowledge and expertise, making this a truly educational experience.

    At the end of the class, you and your team will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy the cocktails you have created. This is a great way to celebrate your hard work and newfound skills. Our mixology class is perfect for corporate team building events, birthday parties, or any group looking for a fun and unique experience. Contact us today to book your class and start creating unforgettable memories with your team.

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